Total for year = 160 species

Species in RED have not been seen by myself but I consider the sightings to be reliable.

Bean Goose ssp rossicus ~ up to 4 with Pink-footed Geese in fields at Cart Gap mid January. In the 2nd winter period, 2 were with c.1,000 Pinks on fields west of Grubb Street November 14th with 3 there the next day.

Pink-footed Goose ~ First returning autumn birds September 19th when c.100 birds flew NW over School Common Road.

White-fronted Goose ~ 1-2 with Pink-footed Geese in fields at Cart Gap mid January.

Greylag Goose ~ up to 8 with Pink-footed Geese in fields at Cart Gap mid January.

Ross’ Goose ~ an adult with Pink-footed Geese in fields at Cart Gap mid January. Not included in species total.

Barnacle Goose ~ 8 with Pink-footed Geese in fields at Cart Gap mid January.

Brent Goose ~ 1st in autumn flew north September 23rd.







Common Scoter

Velvet Scoter ~ 4 flew west November 17th with a singleton November 21st. 8 were seen flying past Walcott on November 24th.


Red-breasted Merganser

Red-legged Partridge

Grey Partridge


Red-throated Diver

Great Northern Diver ~ 1 noted offshore November 2nd.


Sooty Shearwater ~ 1 flew north September 23rd.

Manx Shearwater ~ 7 flew south early morning on July 20th.

Balearic Shearwater ~ 1 flew north early morning August 29th, 2 flew south at 07:45 on August 30th with another south August 31st.



Shag ~ 1 loafing on the groynes off the old Decca site June 30th then 2 from July 11th - 19th, one remaining until 20th. Subsequently birds were noted on September 6th (3) and October 28th.

Little Egret ~ January 21st flying over Happisburgh Common. Presumed same again at edge of a nearby ditch February 21st. One overflew the garden August 5th and a lone bird flew NW following the line of the cliffs December 12th.

Grey Heron

Honey Buzzard ~ 2 flew south over the garden at 10:50 September 13th during an influx of Honey's into the east of the UK. Weather conditions at the time were conducive to drifting them across the North Sea as they moved south from northern Europe.

Black Kite ~ 1 passed through the parish early morning and late afternoon April 24th. It appeared similar to the eastern race 'lineatus' but may well have been one of the escaped Black x Red Kites from London Zoo. Not included in species total.

Red Kite ~ a slightly tatty, un-tagged individual flew south-east over the garden at 08:20 June 19th.

Marsh Harrier ~ first recorded March 9th, birds were seen regularly until late November.

Hen Harrier ~ an adult male flew low south at Happisburgh Common February 4th.


Common Buzzard ~ 1 over School Common Road July 20th. Another was seen just south of the village September 20th.

Osprey ~ 1 south over the garden at 14:45 September 13th. Several Ospreys were reported in the county, their arrival coinciding with, and for the same reasons as, that of the Honey Buzzards.


Merlin ~ a female at Cart Gap March 18th.

Hobby~ 1 flew south-east at Happisburgh Common June 13th and another near East Ruston water tower June 18th. Other Happisburgh sightings June 25th and 30th, July 10th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 27th, 28th and 31st and August 6th, 12th, 22nd, 23rd and 31st. In September noted on 6th, 11th and 19th.

Peregrine ~ 1 on November 3rd, 4th and 15th.

Water Rail ~ 1 found dead November 17th.



Stone Curlew ~ 1 heard calling from crops near to Cart Gap May 4th.

Ringed Plover

Golden Plover

Grey Plover





Snipe ~ a wintering group of 18 was seen December 5th.

Woodcock ~ not recorded until November when singles were seen on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 17th.

Bar-tailed Godwit

Whimbrel ~ 4 briefly landed on the beach July 23rd.


Redshank ~ a flock of 45 flew eastwards July 28th.

Greenshank ~ 1 flew high north along the clifftop calling May 4th.

Common Sandpiper ~ 2 along the beach at Cart Gap May 8th.


Pomarine Skua ~ an adult/sub-adult flew south October 16th.

Arctic Skua ~ 2 dark and 1 pale phase adults chasing Terns offshore July 13th.

Great Skua ~ 25 flew north in 1 hour September 23rd.

Mediterranean Gull ~ regular during the winter at Walcott seafront. A juvenile flew north here August 19th.

Little Gull ~ a 1st summer bird feeding around the groynes offshore from the old Decca site June 27th. July 23rd saw 3 beautiful summer plumaged adults fly south along the shore and a first summer bird flew north July 28th. In November, 4 flew north on 2nd.

Sabine's Gull ~ a juvenile flew north at 07:35 on November 2nd.

Black-headed Gull

Common Gull

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Herring Gull

Great Black-backed Gull


Sandwich Tern ~ 1st in Spring on April 27th were on the groynes off the old Decca site.

Roseate Tern ~ a ringed adult was present between the village and Cart Gap from 9th - 11th July and it or another flew south July 20th. The ringed bird was at Walcott July 24th.

Common Tern ~ 1st in Spring on May 26th. 4 on the groynes south of the village early morning June 19th were joined by 8 that flew in from the south-east.

Arctic Tern ~ at least 2 and probably 4 seen off Cart Gap July 20th.

Little Tern ~ 7 flying south off the old Decca site May 23rd.

Black Tern ~ 1 feeding with gulls off Cart Gap August 31st.

Guillemot ~ several seen from mid-summer, many with half grown youngsters for a few weeks.

Razorbill ~ several seen from July 13th offshore, some accompanied by their offspring.

Stock Dove


Collared Dove

Turtle Dove ~ 1 singing from telegraph wires near College Farm May 8th, another just south of the old Victoria the next day. One was 'gritting' on the road outside the garden May 11th.

Cuckoo ~ first heard May 3rd.

Barn Owl ~ a very tired looking bird which spent much of the day resting at the Decca site September 9th may have been a continental immigrant.

Tawny Owl

Long-eared Owl ~ 1 seen to fly 'in off' the sea near the Coast Watch November 2nd.

Short-eared Owl ~ 1 flushed from the Decca site early morning on November 5th. It only flew as far as one of the small bungalows where it pitched down in the lee of some brambles so was presumably a newly arrived bird.

Swift ~ 1st in Spring sped northward over Cart Gap on April 26th. The first over our garden were 3 which returned May 4th. After the main exodus in late August birds were noted on September 11th (2) and 20th (2).

Kingfisher ~ 1 in the paddocks near Laurel Lodge August 11th was rather unexpected. Presumably the same nearby September 26th.

Green Woodpecker ~ a juvenile seen late July may have been a locally bred bird.

Great Spotted Woodpecker ~ 1 near the cliffs west of the village September 21st may have been an immigrant.


Sand Martin ~ 1st in Spring were 4 over Moat Farm on April 10th.

Swallow ~ 1st in Spring flew west past the Decca site on April 10th.

House Martin ~ 1st in Spring along School Common Road on April 14th.

Tree Pipit ~ 1 seen near the Decca site August 31st.

Meadow Pipit

Rock Pipit ~ although regular as a passage migrant and winter visitor to the county, the only connection I made was with a single flying west November 17th.

Yellow Wagtail ~ 1st in Spring flew west over St. Mary's on April 22nd. Three juveniles presentin the wheat field SE of the lighthouse July 23rd were perhaps locally bred birds.

Grey Wagtail ~ 1 south over Lower Farm meadows September 28th, another nearby October 31st and one west along the cliffs November 2nd.

Pied Wagtail ~ a male of the nominate race 'alba', White Wagtail, in a field at the west end of Doggetts Lane April 27th.

Waxwing ~ 1 seen over the village November 2nd and 10 flew west over School Common Road at 11.15am November 18th.




Black Redstart ~ an adult male at the Coastwatch March 31st. Another, a female type, at Cart Gap April 11th. In Autumn one was on the tumbledown slipway at the RNLI on November 2nd.

Common Redstart ~ a female was in the paddocks near Whimpwell Green May 26th.

Whinchat ~ 2 near the Decca site and 4 around the paddocks in the village August 31st. In September 3 along School Common Road 26th, another 28th.

Stonechat ~ typically putting in appearances from late January throughout the spring, the peak count was 5 birds March 18th. A small autumn passage noted from late September.

Wheatear ~ 2 at Cart Gap April 11th with a maximum of 8 there April 27th. A male 'Greenland' race leucorhoa Cart Gap May 4th. Autumn passage commenced from the end of August with a peak of 11 noted September 16th. A late bird was on the beach October 29th.

Ring Ouzel ~ 3 along School Common Road then 4 in paddocks at Whimpwell Green April 17th, 6 were in the meadows north of the telephone exchange at Walcott April 27th and a female was along School Common Road May 4th. A single noted in the Autumn, a male in the paddocks just south of Whimpwell Green, November 6th.

Blackbird ~ large numbers arrived late October/early November and 120+ were counted in a small area at the north end of School Common Road October 30th.


Song Thrush


Mistle Thrush

Grasshopper Warbler ~ 1 singing in hedge behind Moat Farm April 25th.

Reed Warbler ~ 1 was in scrub at the Decca site September 14th.

Blackcap ~ 1st in Spring singing in the cover behind Laurel Lodge on April 21st.

Garden Warbler ~ 1 was in a neighbouring garden September 15th.

Lesser Whitethroat ~ 1st in Spring on April 22nd was heard singing from my garden.

Whitethroat ~ 1st in Spring was a silent male along School Common Road on April 17th.

Yellow-browed Warbler ~ 1 along School Common Road September 24th, it or another south of Lower Farm September 26th. In October 1 was feeding in the trees south of the paddocks at the top of School Common Road during the morning of the 8th. One was again in the mature trees near the paddocks on October 31st.

Chiffchaff ~ 1st in Spring on March 11th near College Farm.

Willow Warbler ~ 1st in Spring on April 16th was heard singing from behind Moat Farm.


Firecrest ~ 1 in hedge along the track behind Laurel Lodge April 2nd. A 2nd bird in gardens at Cart Gap April 11th.

Spotted Flycatcher ~ first recorded June 17th. Small numbers on autumn passage, peaking at 6+ birds August 19th.

Pied Flycatcher ~ 3 in the gardens beside the Coastwatch track August 31st. Also noted September 15th (3+), 19th (2), 24th and 26th (2) and October 6th, 8th and 30th.

Long-tailed Tit

Coal Tit ~ a British race bird in trees near the paddocks October 8th.

Blue Tit

Great Tit

Great Grey Shrike ~ 1 feeding from the fence alongside the stream that crosses the meadow behind Lower Farm on the morning of April 21st.





Carrion Crow

Hooded Crow ~ 1 flew south-east early morning of April 24th.


House Sparrow

Tree Sparrow ~ 1 in the garden on the morning of September 7th. Another 5 flew low over the Cricket Club headed towards the village October 11th.


Brambling ~ 2 males settled in a tall poplar in a neighbouring garden late afternoon April 8th. 1st in Autumn were 2 birds near Briar Lodge September 24th.





Twite ~ 5 were along the cliff just south of the lighthouse late afternoon on October 29th with 6 there from November 2nd. Two were marked with colour rings. They were last seen on November 13th.

Lesser Redpoll

Common Crossbill ~ 14 flew north-west over the garden at 7pm June 8th.


Lapland Bunting


Snow Bunting ~ a flyover at Cart Gap April 4th. In autumn 1 reported on the grass next to the RNLI in the village October 3rd was probably the same as the male seen near the lighthouse on October 6th. 10 were present on October 15th, 13 on the 28th and 14 on 29th. November saw 17 together on the 3rd with 15 on the 5th.

Reed Bunting

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